Tap and Go technology is increasing and more supermarkets chains are implementing the technology into their stores. Amazon Go is a leader in this field with four checkout-less stores already operating in America and more on the way. With the development of supermarket apps and technology this tap and go trend is set to take over even more grocery stores.

Dutch retailer, Ahold Delhaize has announced that it will begin using the tap and go tech across all of its Albert Heijn stores. The technology will allow customers visiting the stores to pay using either a tap and go card or an app. A shopper will search the store choosing the product they wish to buy and will tap their card to the tag below the item. Upon exiting the store, the customer will then tap their card or app on an exit station. Their bank accounts will be automatically deducted 10 minutes after leaving the store. If a customer picks up an item and then changes their mind, they can just tap the tag again to reverse the charge. The technology is set to make it easier for the shopper and get rid of with long queues, wait times and cashiers.

So far Albert Heijn has opened two checkout-less stores in the Netherlands with more planned to open in the future. “We want to offer our customers plenty of choice, quality and convenience anytime and anywhere. With ‘tap to go’, we really bring that convenience to the next level,” said general manager Jan-Willem Dockheer.

Ahold Delhaize owns 35 supermarket brands around the world. The retailer has not yet said whether or not they plan to open any cashier-less stores in other countries. The company began trialling the technology in 2017, and it has proven to be successful.