The Stevia Debate

Petal, a sparkling botanical blend has reformulated its core line of drinks less than a year after launching in May 2018. The drinks, which are a cross between herbal tea, soda, and functional water will now be sweetened with organic agave, rather than stevia. The original beverage contained zero calories and came in three flavours; original rose, mint rose, and lychee rose. These flavours are being relaunched, but now contain ten calories per 12oz can. An additional three flavours are being launched with the revised formula.

Candice Crane, Founder and CEO of Petal said, “Sometimes consumers find stevia polarising because it can leave quite an aftertaste. It’s not necessarily bad, but some people don’t like it. So we wanted to make the drink a little more gulpable.” There is a lot of challenge involved with sourcing organic ingredients Crane describes—the company works hard to develop a suitable supply chain to meet their standards and needs. As a lot of beverages look to reduce sugar in line with global trends, it will be interesting to see where other companies go with their recipes, and what they’ll use to flavour their drinks.