The UK’s Third Most Popular Grocer According To Kanter


The latest data from Kantar has revealed that more than two-thirds (66.4 percent) of British households now shop with Aldi, making it the third most popular grocer, ahead of Sainsbury’s, with 1.1m additional shoppers buying their grocery shop at Aldi.

According to Kantar, households switched over £300m in grocery spend to Aldi in the first quarter of this year to save money. The analysis also shows that Aldi shoppers buy more items per visit than at any other supermarket as they get more for their money at a discount.

One pound in every ten spent in British supermarkets goes through Aldi’s tills after grocery analyst Kantar confirmed it has a double-digit (10.1 percent) market share for the first time.

Giles Hurley, Chief Executive Officer of Aldi UK, said almost 19 million shoppers are taking advantage of Aldi’s brand-like quality and unbeatable prices.

“People are facing difficult choices about how they spend their money and are changing how they shop,” said Hurley.

“Shoppers are switching from big stores with high prices to counter the effects of inflation and keep more of their money in their pockets.”

He continued that independent analysis showed Aldi is consistently the UK’s cheapest supermarket, and its commitment to its customers will always be the case.

Which? has consecutively named Aldi the cheapest supermarket for the last ten months.

In its latest comparison, Which? found that on a basket of 41 items, the full-price supermarkets were 15 more expensive on average, with Aldi costing just £72.54, compared with Tesco at £81.58, Morrisons at £83.63 and Waitrose costing £92.55.