In this photo illustration two bars of the Toblerone Swiss chocolate are shown, at front is the new style 150 gram bar showing the reduction in triangular pieces, in the background is the older style 360 gram bar, pictured in London, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. More valleys, fewer chocolate peaks: The maker of Toblerone Swiss chocolate says it's widened the spaces in its iconic, triangle-array bars for some discount shops in Britain to keep prices down. Mondelez International says the move aims to meet pricing targets by customer Poundland and other discount retailers, and has nothing to do with Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

Two years ago, Toblerone changed the shape of its iconic chocolate bars in a move that was called “obscene.” Now, it’s changing them back. Mondelez International stated it was forced to make the change in 2016 due to rising costs – it could change the shape or change the price.

The “underhanded” shape change masked the fact the bar was smaller, and was described as looking like a bicycle rack, or more like Holland than the Swiss Alps.

Now, the brand is bringing back the old shape – at a cost. The return to form will restore the chocolate size and the mountainous shape, but prices could rise by more than 200 percent. A source has suggested the recommended retail price for the new 200g bar would be £3.09 ($6.06 NZD).