Walmart to Hire Over 50,000 Employees

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Walmart has announced its plan to welcome over 50,000 associates across the United States in its first-quarter fiscal year in 2023 to help promote growth and innovation.

According to Donna Morris, Chief People Officer at Walmart, the company will be searching for employees to fit a variety of roles, ranging from merchants, marketers, pharmacists, software engineers, club managers and more. 

In 2021, Walmart hired approximately 5,500 pharmacists and pharmacy managers, over 13,000 pharmacy technicians almost 4,500 truck drivers. More than 300,000 associates were promoted to roles of higher pay and greater responsibility in one fiscal year. Morris claimed that around 75 percent of the company’s associates all started with hourly wages.

Currently, Walmart’s starting wage has reached up to $30 an hour for selected roles in specific markets.

Last year in September, Walmart unveiled its goal to employ around 150,000 new store associates and 20,00 new supply-chain associates for the holiday season. Wages were also increased by at least US$1 an hour for over 565,000 of its existing employees. This increase marked the company’s third wage raise over the past year.

Morris said that Walmart believes that its associates are the key to the company's success. And therefore, put a strong emphasis on enabling the success of those who work so hard to serve 230 million customers weekly.

This year, Walmart is focused on hiring new associates in the technology fields as its Walmart Global Tech organisation continues to expand locally and globally.