The Poison-Free Pest Solution


Ensystex’s Ecothor Active Nature Natural Insecticide, Entrap, is the newest innovation and product to be brought to the market by the Innovations team at Ensystex. Entrap uniquely provides professional pest managers with the opportunity to offer clients a total poison-free pest management solution. The active constituent in Entrap, methyl-cellulose, is derived from sustainably grown pine trees and all other components are approved for use in food production for human consumption.

Ensystex Regional Director Steve Broadbent said that Entrap often hears consumers demanding low-toxic, natural pest solutions, and Entrap enables professionals to deliver on this premise.

Entrap employs a purely physical mode of action to trap, immobilise, and kill various insects and arachnids. It works like a sprayable sticky spider’s web to encase and rapidly immobilise the insects.

Entrap is sprayed directly onto the target pest, where the unique polymer structure of the cellulose encases the insect and immobilises it.

This rapid restraint leads to the death of the insect. Since Entrap is poison-free with a purely physical mode of action, it will just as quickly kill insects resistant to traditional pesticides. Entrap has no residual performance, so it quickly disappears from the environment.