Revolutionising The Pet Food Industry

Prime100, Tetra Pak

Prime100, a 100 percent Australian-made and owned pet nutrition brand, has partnered with leading food and beverage packaging and processing company Tetra Pak to launch a new, premium dog food product line that will not only have tail wagging but is also gentle on the planet.

Leveraging Tetra Pak's expertise in sustainable packaging and Prime100's commitment to providing quality pet nutrition, the two companies have joined forces to launch the new SPD (Single Protein Diet) product range that comes in seven flavours and is packaged in Tetra Recart, the packaging solution made from carton with the lowest CO2 footprint in the market.

The new SPD product range offers a rich source of protein well suited for all breed types and ages of dogs, including those suffering from food-based allergy and sensitivity, a condition affecting one in three dogs.

Made from carefully selected functional ingredients that increase key vitamins, minerals, essential amino and fatty acids, the new range is also slow-cooked, proven more digestible and palatable for dogs.

The partnership between Prime100 and Tetra Pak signifies an innovative approach to pet nutrition and packaging in Australia, a booming pet food market with one of the highest pet ownerships in the world, where Australians spend an estimated AUD33 billion on pet services and products annually. The product launch also marks Tetra Pak's first entry into the pet food category in Australia.

Cartons have up to six times less impact on the environment than cans when comparing the life cycle of the two packages; this includes the source of the material, transport, and end of life. Tetra Recart delivers on the packaging requirements in food - maintaining food fresh and safe at room temperature, all without the need for any preservatives. It is also easier to open, store and dispose of.

Consumers can recycle their Tetra Recart at kerbside collection points, where they can be transported to the saveBOARD recycling facility and turned into sustainable building materials for homes and offices.

Jason Gray, Chief Executive Officer of Prime100, said this partnership with Tetra Pak marked a significant milestone in Prime100's journey to transforming pet nutrition as it combines Tetra Pak's packaging expertise with Prime100's vision for high-quality single-protein pet diets.

"This collaboration showcases our commitment to providing the best pet nutrition while prioritising sustainability," said Gray.

Tetra Pak's sustainable packaging ensures that Prime100's products benefit pets and the planet. Together, the pair are poised to redefine Australia's pet food industry, establishing new benchmarks for quality, sustainability, and pet well-being.

"We're excited to witness this collaboration's positive impact on pets and their owners nationwide."

Boris Munster, Managing Director of Tetra Pak in Australia and New Zealand, said TetraPak was thrilled to partner with Prime100 to drive greater sustainability in their portfolio through product and packaging innovation.

"It's great to see a homegrown pet food brand drive thought leadership in the category, and we hope that it'll inspire more brands to switch to more sustainable packaging to help reduce carbon footprint," said Munster.

Founded in 2014 as an Australian-owned pet food manufacturer based in Melbourne, Prime100 has become the market leader in single protein rolls. The new SPD (Single Protein Diet) product range is manufactured in Prime100's facility in Melbourne.

Prime100's new SPD range in Tetra Recart is available nationwide at Petstock, Petbarns and select vets nationwide in Australia.