MAY 2015 marks five years since All Good fair trade bananas have been on sale in New Zealand, they are the first fair trade certified bananas available in this country.
Thanks to Kiwi consumers who have bought fair trade bananas over the past five years, $6.6 million has been sent back to the farmers and their families in El Guabo Cooperative in Ecuador.  150 farmers have been paid fairly, 6,400 people have received free medical care, 2,000 children have received school packs to get a proper education and 460 children with special needs have been able to go to school.
Victoria Park New World in Auckland was one of the first supermarkets in the country to sell All Good fair trade bananas back in 2010. Store Owner Jason Witehira says there is growing demand in his store for ethical produce. 70% of the store’s egg sales are now free-range 5% organic and 25% Caged and around 33% of bananas sold are fair trade.
“The demand keeps on growing,” says Jason. “We have gone from selling about five boxes (90 kg) of All Good Bananas a week to selling up to 68 boxes. Our customers want to have a choice and All Good fair trade bananas are it.”
Small choices like this can make a huge difference to the lives of people in communities less fortunate on the other side of the world.