A Sustainable Option for Produce

According to an Australian study that was carried out for World Environment Day, over 70 percent of customer’s place importance on making sustainable shopping choices, even amid the current pandemic. Customers around the country have offered positive feedback and welcomed paper bags in the produce departments. The switch from plastic and bioplastic produce bags to paper has changed the whole look and feel of store produce departments, creating a more natural look that compliments fresh produce.

Unlike home compostable plastic bags, which cannot be recycled and often end up in landfill, paper can be recycled many times.

Deforestation on an industrial scale around the world is taking place to grow food, and the land required for corn starch to make bags is not helping matters.

Tanco has a range of specialist paper produce bags that are made from 80 percent recycled paper and supplies customised bag holders to suit. These paper bags are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) so are guaranteed to come from a sustainable source.

Retailers can now choose a truly sustainable material, one that creates a natural look and is the finishing touch to an award-winning produce department.

Founded 1991, Tanco initially started off supplying quality baking paper to leading supermarkets. The small, humble beginning has now grown exponentially to extend its offering to include a large range of premium packaging products.

Tanco is a well-known distributor in New Zealand and is always striving to meet the demands in a competitive industry, without compromising its loyalty and dedication to its customers.

The innovative business offers quality products, knowledgeable and insightful service and reliability and is proud to be one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of packaging.

Give your customers what they want, and make better choices for the environment.

For more information, contact Tanco on sales@tanco.co.nz,  call 07 777 0048 or visit www.tanco.co.nz.