Almost Zero

With less than 0.4% alcohol by volume*, the Almost Zero range of de-alcoholised wines offers wine consumers something they have been looking for – for the occasions when they want to be part of the party, but without consuming alcohol.

The Almost Zero range of wines (Wonderful White, Ravishing Rose, and Radiant Red) looks like wine and tastes like wine but has less than 0.4% alcohol. The alcohol in one glass of standard wine is equivalent to 38 glasses of Almost Zero.

Every glass has 75% less calories than normal wine, allowing you to be social to your heart’s content.

This means that one entire bottle of Almost Zero has the same calories as just one glass of regular wine. Plus, there’s only 2.2g/100g of sugar and 4.2g/100g of carbohydrates in each bottle and the entire range is vegan!

It’s the perfect, guilt-free wine!

*compared with standard wines around 12% alcohol

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