Another Taste of Paradise

The team at McLeod's have brewed up something special for the two new additions to its line up.

Suptropical Stout is the brand's take on a classic tropical stout. Well-crafted and warm-fermented, the brewing style is suited to balmy islands and equatorial climes. Expect roasted malts up front with rich, fruity espresso and chocolate notes. Drinks like a slightly sweetened espresso with a smooth, medium body hinting at alcohol for a touch of winter warmth. Not your average stout. Made in NZ's winterless north for a happy indulgence everywhere.

For its second new brew, McLeod's have introduced a dark lager which is jet black and bursting with coffee, chocolate and dark toast notes from the start. Windswept Schwarzbier (black beer) takes you places other lagers don't. With Brazil Sao Luiz beans from their friends at Coffee Lab on Auckland's North Shore, McLeod's have crafted a traditional dark lager that harmonises expected malt tones with hazelnut, mandarin and milk chocolate from the coffee. Finish is dry and clean with a hint of bitterness. It's a complex, yet sublime, lager.