Bakeworks – Invigorating the Bread Market

In true kiwi tradition, Bakeworks started with that 'can do' attitude in 2001. Customers were crying out for more allergy friendly food, nearly two decades on and you can find both its Bakeworks and Home St gluten-free range in all corners of New Zealand.

The Bakeworks brand represents “everyday” Gluten-Free alternatives and has a very loyal customer base.

The Home St brand was carefully created to invigorate the bread market and is continuing to do so today with the hugely successful launch of its Keto bread – the first to the market.

"We have just improved the recipe after listening to customer feedback and the “family” now also includes Keto buns and Keto pizza bases – all low carb and full of nutritious ingredients," said Kirsten Unger and Dave Harris, founders of Bakeworks.

Its other Home St “families” include our Good Seed Sprouted bread, buns and pizza bases and our Paleo range of breads.

So stock up today! Your Gluten-Free customers will thank you for it!

If you aren’t currently stocking please get in touch by emailing

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