Baking & Baked Goods with: QUEEN BAKING INNOVATORS

QUEEN Fine Foods has been producing award winning vanilla, flavouring extracts and food colour for home bakers, chefs and decorators since 1897.Queen 3

An innovator for the baking segment, Queen has recently launched Food Colour Gels and Ready to Roll Fondant Icing, making cake decorating fun and achievable for all skill levels.

Queen products suit all types of bakers and decorators from first timers and occasional bakers to frequent and professionals.  The company says, “People are becoming more inspired to bake and to create amazing new dishes and desserts. Decorating is no longer a hobby it is a craft and creative outlet for many people.”

Queen says its consumers are inspired by TV, print and online media, stretching beyond the same old recipes and looking at ways to improve the flavour, texture and appearance of what they are baking.

This is the reason the company has brought a number of gourmet and specialist products to the supermarket to help you achieve restaurant quality at home.Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.57.56 pmQueen