Rosedale_Ginger_KissesROSEDALE Kisses continue to be amongst the most popular products in the bought cake category with Rosedale Ginger 8s being the number one selling SKU (Units MAT to 16/01/15) in the category. The regular introduction of unique products such as Maple Walnut and Lemon has kept the product and brand relevant in the market and added to the popularity of the total product group. The success of these products and the ongoing popularity of the more traditional Ginger and Chocolate varieties, in both branded and house brand offerings, bodes well for the future of these NZ favourites. Rosedale_Maple_Walnut_Kisses

The Rosedale range consists of Kisses, Brandy Snaps and Fruit Breads. The company’s Delmaine Dutch Almond Products also has a strong presence within the category with three new Almond Products due to be released later in the year. Both Rosedale and Delmaine brands are top 10 brands in the category. Rosedale is the second biggest brand in units sales and third in dollars. The total category is up by 1.2% in units and 2.2% by value with ‘Free From’ continuing to be major trend. Smaller portions and more extravagant products also feature.Rosedale_Lemon_Kisses_8_s