BGM-Platter-imageWITH no previous experience in food manufacturing, Wayne Harris established Black Garlic Man Ltd earlier this year. Based in Whangarei, Harris produces black garlic using a secret process that is referred to as enzymatic fermentation, using no chemicals or other additives.
Black Garlic Man garlic is produced and farmed in accordance with organic principles, this production process results in increased levels of antioxidants and amino acids, in particular S-arylcysteine. After four years of product development and trialling, Harris picked up an award at this year’s Cuisine Artisan Awards, and is also producing commercial quantities of black garlic for selected retailers and restaurants around New Zealand. Harris says more consumers are looking to support small, boutique manufacturers.BGM-Presentation-Bag

“Artisan products are growing in popularity as their uniqueness is not compromised by the demands of commercial production,” he says.
While Harris is not presently exporting his product, he is open to the possibility of it in the future. He says once the brand is soundly established, there are plans to introduce new products in the future.

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