Burns and Ferrall Container Kitchen Finalists Announced

The finalists have been drawn for the Burns & Ferrall Great Container Kitchen. Burns & Ferrall drew the five finalists from a miniature container kitchen within the kitchen itself, currently housed at the Burns & Ferrall headquarters in Auckland.

The Great Container Kitchen giveaway is being held as part of Burns & Ferrall’s 70th birthday celebrations. Up for grabs is a fully equipped, fully functional commercial kitchen housed inside a custom-built recycled container – an amazing container kitchen worth over $125,000. To get in the draw, customers only needed to spend $1000 at Burns & Ferrall.

“We’re really excited to be here today,” said CEO Tony Broome. “It’s been months in the making, and to be able to give away such an amazing prize is fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors and partners, so we’d like the thank them for helping us make this happen.”

Sponsors include RATIONAL, BDR Max, Garland, Winterhalter, Turbo Air, Frymaster, Silverchef, CSL Containers, Restaurant & Café Magazine, Project Floors, Food First, Staybrite Stainless Fabricators, T&S, Nuovair and Contract Flooring.

The finalists are:

  • Arrow International Ltd.
  • Foodstuffs Wellington
  • Epiphany NZ Ltd.
  • Courts Fiji Ltd.
  • Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen

The winner will be announced at Taste on Normanby Road in Auckland on March 12.