Each year New Zealand imports pork from a range of countries. This year, we have imported around 70,000 metric tonnes, a number expected to grow again by January of 2020.

Amidst international concerns around African swine fever (ASF), the pork industry is under pressure not seen before. Bacon prices have reached record highs, and other meat-based sectors are feeling the weight of it as well. Perhaps now more than ever is a time to be looking local, at New Zealand’s own fantastic product.

Angus Black, Harrington's Smallgoods

“Our farms produce some of the best pork in the world, and the industry is worth $750 million per year,” said Angus Black, general manager of Harrington’s Smallgoods. “However, unless we shift consumer demand to locally produced meat, our industry won’t be able to grow, and in turn, faces increased risks from threats like ASF.”

Black suggested that new legislation requiring country of origin to be identified on bacon and ham could help consumers to understand where their pork is from. Regardless, consumers and restaurateurs alike should be having conversations with their butchers to find out where their pork is coming from. “Until we stop importing pork from other countries, consumers can help support the local industry by buying local.”

For more information on Harrington’s Smallgoods, who only use Kiwi meat, visit their website.