Coca-Cola Health Star Roll Out Continues

Coca-Cola continue the roll out of the health star rating system on packaging

Coca-Cola New Zealand is staying true to its commitment to help Kiwis consume less sugar by continuing the rollout of the Health Star Rating System. The voluntary front-of-pack system replaces the current energy icon. 

The Health Star Rating System was adopted by the New Zealand and Australian Governments in 2014 as a way to rate the overall nutrition profile of packaged foods and drinks. The products are given a rating between half a star to five stars which provides consumers with a quick and easy method to compare products.

“The move to the star icon is an example of how seriously we take our responsibility to provide meaningful information to consumers.” Said Chris Litchfield, Managing Director NZ and Pacific, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand.

The first of Coca-Cola New Zealand's products to switch to the star system was Coca-Cola Classic with a half star rating. However, it is to be implemented across all products including Schweppes Ginger Beer, also with a half star, to Kiwi Blue Water, with a five-star rating. 

Alongside the packaging switch, Coca-Cola is committed to reducing the levels of sugar in its products and since 2015 it has reduced sugar across its entire portfolio by 13 percent. It has also increased the availability of smaller 300ml pack sizes, stocking at 97 percent of major retailers. 

“like me, many New Zealanders are actively trying to eat and drink less sugar. We’re committed to giving people more of the drinks they want. And, as a leader in the beverage industry in New Zealand, we choose to do more – not just say more – when it comes to helping Kiwis consume less sugar from our beverages.” Said Julie O’Toole, Director and Country Lead, Coca-Cola Oceania.