Confusion over HFSS Supermarket Regulations in UK

There is large amount of confusion around the HFSS regulations in the UK as the government looks to overturn its decision

High fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) food products are facing marketing confusion in the UK, as the government suggests the proposed ban on special offers is to be postponed.

Promotions such as multi-purchase deals and buy-one-get-one-free were set to be banned from October this year, alongside new guidelines for HFSS product placement. Supermarkets and smaller retail stores were preparing for the proposed changes that included the banning of HFSS products from being within two metres of check out areas, being placed on the end of isles, in bin displays and at store entry points. 

The promotional restrictions contributed to the Wider Obesity Strategy, however, according to sources at the UK Grocer the government is considering overturning their decision due to increased living costs. 

The new measures had already created unnecessary costs for retailers and without them, they would be able to focus on providing product value to customers.