Eaty is an entirely new, nutritious, planet-friendly, animal-free range that can do everything meat does but much better. Brought to you by Soulfresh, Eaty is the next generation of meat alternatives which uses plant proteins to create the same texture, taste and mouth-feel as its meat counterparts, as well as having the same protein levels. The BBQ Classics range includes plant-based Gourmet Beef-style Burgers, Gourmet Snags in chicken-style, beef-style and pork-style, without the cholesterol. The convenient Ready-to-Eat Meals come in four delicious alternatives; Italian Beef Meatballs, Peanut-free Chicken Satay, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Sticky Chicken Teriyaki, which means mean eating a meat-free meal has never been easier. Eaty is plants like you’ve never eaten them before.

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