Covid Hits Havelock Foursquare

Four Square in Havelock is open with the help of local paknsave workers, as it was short staffed due to covid cases

The Four Square in Havelock remains open thanks to local help, after battling the implications of Covid-19 on general operations and staffing numbers.

Owner and operators Christine and Grant Fisk are isolating alongside a number of their team members.

The nearby PAK’nSAVE Blenheim stepped up and provided a number of workers, including store manager Jared Gray, to save the day. The PAK’nSAVE staff will help operate the Four Square store until its team are back at total capacity.

“We’re a co-op and that means we’re a family, we give each other a helping hand in times of challenge and the most important thing here is we continue to serve the community of Havelock. It’s just what we do and we’re happy to support.” Said Mark Elkington owner-operator of PAK’nSAVE Blenheim.

Both stores are part of the Foodstuffs South Island co-operative, which is made up of independent grocers who own and operate stores in each community.

PAK’nSAVE Blenheim will continue to operate as normal, however, Four Square Havelock has some shorter trading hours. It will be open 10 am-5 pm on Monday 4 July, and 9 am-5 pm on Tuesday 5 July.