A new digital service that will see brands sell direct-to-consumer may bring grocers under threat with wholesale giants Unilever and Mars already signed up.

Designed by tech firm INS, the new digital grocery service looks to cut grocery bills by up to 30 percent, allowing wholesalers to sell directly to consumers. The platform could launch in the UK as early as next year, which would see products like Marmite, Uncle Ben's and Whiskas sold at a cheaper rate than offered at supermarkets by cutting out the 'middleman'.

"The grocery industry in its current shape is inefficient and controlled by retailers," said INS co-founder and chief executive Peter Fedchenkov.

"For example, in the UK, there are over 7000 manufacturers and 25 million households dependent on four key grocery retailers controlling 76 percent of the market. INS will adopt blockchain to cut the middleman - wholesalers and retail stores - to help consumers save up to 30 percent on grocery shopping."

Any manufacturer would be able to list and sell products on the INS platform.