Grocery retail giant Walmart is trialling a new service that delivers consumers' groceries not just to the door, but directly inside their fridge. Together with August Home, a San Francisco-based provider of smart locks and other smart home accessories, a small group of Walmart customers will be able to test the new service.

Customers place an order on the site for items, including groceries which will be picked and packed and then a driver will deliver them on the same-day, if no one answers the doorbell, a one-time, pre-authorised passcode can be used to enter the house and complete the delivery, all of which can be monitored in real-time via a security system feed viewed on the customers smartphone. Notifications can also be sent when the delivery person unlocks and locks the front door.

"These tests are a natural evolution of what Walmart is all about - an obsession in saving our customers not just money but also time, making our customers' lives easier int he process," said the company. "What might seem novel today could be the standard tomorrow."

Making it easier for customers to get their groceries when and where it is convenient to them is something that Walmart has been working on recently using click and collect innovations like an automated grocery pickup kiosk, increasing the number of pickup towers, free two-day shipping and delivery via Uber, even having orders delivered by staff on their way home from work.