beer cans for alcohol

Zero and very low-alcohol beverages have so far been displayed in the soft-drink section, but soon this will come to an end. An amendment bill introduced by the NZ Parliament this week is expected to modify the Sale and Supply Alcohol Act 2012, allowing them to be sold in the same supermarket section as full-strength beer. The amendment will have its first reading next year.
Even though, under the alcohol reform introduced in 2013, stores are required to display their alcoholic beverages in a single dedicated area, this golden rule does not apply to low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer and wine, which are sold in the soft-drink aisles. Justice Minister Amy Adams explained that minor technical changes are necessary.
“It doesn’t make sense that supermarkets technically cannot place these non-alcoholic products alongside alcohol, when we’re trying to promote responsible drinking. It’s also irritating for supermarkets and confusing for customers,” said Adams.
Food & Grocery Council CEO, Katherine Rich, has agreed with the point raised by the Minister.
“I’m glad to see common sense has prevailed and this unintended consequence can be corrected in the law. I’m sure most political parties will agree this is a non-controversial clarification of the law and ensure it is expedited,” said Rich.