Drink, Return, Repeat: New Reusable Milk Bottle

photo credit: Synlait

Synlait Milk Limited (Synlait) has officially launched its first consumer foods product under its own brand - Synlait Swappa Bottle.

Synlait Swappa Bottle is a 1.5 litre reusable, stainless steel bottle of homogenised milk exclusively sourced from Synlait's highest performing farms when it comes to stewardship for the land, and care for people and animals.

The Synlait Swappa Bottle concept is simple - drink, return, repeat:

  1. Drink – consumers purchase a Synlait Swappa Bottle and enjoy quality fresh milk.
  2. Return – consumers then return the empty Synlait Swappa Bottle and lid to the store.
  3. Repeat – helping Synlait to reduce waste and eliminating plastic packaging.

“In the things that we choose to eat and drink, we support the future we want to see. New Zealanders have been telling us for years that they are deeply concerned about plastic waste, but in milk, there haven’t been many options. Synlait Swappa Bottle is a step in the journey towards eliminating plastic waste. Each time we drink, return, repeat, we contribute to a better future," said Hamish Reid, Synlait director of sustainability and brand, in a statement on the company's website.

Synlait Swappa Bottles are initially being launched in two South Island New World stores, with plans to expand distribution over time. Synlait has expressed its intention to move closer to the consumer for some time. Its acquisition of Dairyworks in 2019 was the start of this and adding a Synlait-branded product would strengthen and complement its current business portfolio and expertise.

“There’s an opportunity for reusables to play a much bigger role in New Zealanders’ food and beverage future, as they are already in Europe and the USA. In launching Synlait Swappa Bottle – a refillable, stainless-steel bottle that can be reused time and time again – we’re hoping to trigger change," Reid said.

The Synlait Swappa Bottle carries the B-Corp stamp representing Synlait's 2020 certification and commitment to using business as a force for good.