Doing Some Good (George) by Promoting Vaccinations

Hamilton’s Good George Brewing has launched a new limited release brew: Vacci-Mates Lager – Brewed for Legends That Vaccinate. The new brew, a crisp refreshing lager, is available now as a can six-pack through their online store.

The beer was crafted as a conversation starter to encourage those who are on the fence (or on the couch) to get vaccinated.

“We’re brewers, not vaccine experts. But we’ve listened to the experts and the evidence is clear. Lockdowns are devastating for us all in the hospitality industry and they are an unwanted reality until we reach a higher level of vaccination, so we brewed this beer to shine a light on that and put a stake in the ground," said Good George's head of community Daniel McGregor.

Good George teased the brew on their social channels a couple of weeks ago and said the overall sentiment was positive.

“There were a couple of anti-vaxxers that reached out to say they wouldn't be buying it. While we respect those people’s opinions, we’re exercising our right to share ours.”

“There’s a lot of noise in the conversation around vaccinations but for us, it’s pretty simple – we want to be back in our bars with customers, and getting the jab is the way to end the need for lockdowns and allow us and our teams to get back to what we do best. We think Aucklanders especially are missing the pub.

“We called it Vacci-Mates because we wanted to highlight the good that comes from vaccination, the ability to make a shift back towards normal. So much of the dialogue focuses on the negative and people who choose not to vaccinate, we wanted to focus on the upside when you do.”

Good George has also taken steps to support those in their team who choose to vaccinate by offering an additional day’s leave for any team member across the brewery or bar teams who can show they’ve had two vaccinations.