Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds, With New Milkybar Whirl

Milkybar now has a swirl of milk chocolate for the first time ever in New Zealand.

The Milkybar team has unveiled a new offering, which is the creamy Milkybar people know and love, but now with milk chocolate.

The Milkybar Whirl is made with the same real milk goodness as the classic Milkybar, with no artificial colours or flavours. However, fans will be treated to a swirl of smooth milk chocolate throughout the bar, making it the perfect treat for adult taste-buds looking for something new, but with a taste of nostalgia.

The Milkybar Whirl is made from a bespoke chocolate mould for the block and bar, bringing the delicious swirls to life.

“We believe Milkybar Whirl is set to become a firm favourite. Milkybar fans will recognise the classic taste, but the addition of delicious swirls of milk chocolate make it something a bit different," said Nestlé Head of Marketing Fraser Shrimpton.

“Milkybar Whirl is the answer for those that struggle to choose between Milkybar and milk chocolate when they’re in the confectionery aisle – it’s the best of both worlds!”

To celebrate the launch of Milkybar Whirl, Nestlé is searching for New Zealand’s very own Milkybar Kid-ult. This time the classic role of the Milkybar Kid will be filled by a grown-up who is still a kid at heart. The successful applicant will enjoy a unique range of responsibilities, including taste-testing new flavours.