orchard gate juices lined up on a wooden table, surrounded by fruit

Premium beverage company E’stel has recently taken ownership of Orchard Gate Juice, a high-quality local juice company.

The juice has no added sugar and is made entirely from fruit – no concentrate. It’s also already nationally-ranged, making it an excellent addition to E’stel’s portfolio of premium products.

Retailers and consumers don’t need to worry – the taste will remain the same. E’stel is retaining the same suppliers Orchard Gate has been using. In fact, the only thing that’s changing is the branding. “We’re keeping the name but looking to give it a facelift,” commented Andrew Strang, founder of E’stel.

This facelift will come from the combined minds of Orchard Gate’s existing design team, Woolworths, and Monash University in Melbourne. E’stel aims to be a well-known premium beverage company, and the re-design will bring the top-quality product’s look in line with this.

In the future, E’stel will be looking to add functional beverages to its portfolio.