New Zealand craft brewer Moa has revealed its latest innovation, believed to be the world’s first ‘deer beer’. Developed exclusively for export to China, a growing market for premium Kiwi-brewed craft beer, Moa Red Stag Wheat is an extra-special drop that contains deer velvet sourced from the South Island of New Zealand. Geoff Ross, Moa’s CEO notes that in addition to driving the deer velvet export market, worth around NZ$40-million per year, China is a crucial growth prospect for Moa’s products. Right now, he puts the annual value of Kiwi beer and cider exports at around NZ$2 to $3 million, with substantial headroom for growth.

“Export markets are highly attractive for the continued prosperity of craft brewers. We’ve already made great headway with our classic flavours; now, we’re particularly excited to take to market the first beer developed specifically for Chinese tastes, while driving our vision of being ‘New Zealand’s craft beer’ on the international stage,” said Ross.