In 2016, 98 percent of New Zealand’s vineyard area was certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and around 7 percent of vineyards operated under certified organic programmes. These are just some of the data that can be found on NZ Winegrowers’ first-ever report on the wine sector’s achievements in sustainability.

The report illustrates the actions taken by the wine industry such as reducing and recycling by-products, protecting soil, optimising water and energy use, and enhancing biodiversity.

Last year, 98 percent of NZ vineyards used monitoring techniques to optimise water applications, and 96 percent of them measured and recorded water use. Additionally, 99 percent of wineries optimised water conservation and limited volumes to the waste system.

Investment in people was also key, with 85 percent of vineyard personnel and 99 percent of winery staff attending courses or undergoing industry training.