Vittel and the Smiley Company are teaming up to promote Vittel’s smaller format bottles through an exciting ‘Vittel The Positive Water’ campaign.

As part of Smiley’s 20th anniversary celebrations, this partnership will see 130 million Smiley-branded Vittel bottles being launched into the Belgium, French, German, Russian and Swiss markets between February and October 2017.

The joint initiative will feature on-pack promotion and marketing activations, including digital billboard advertising, catalogue advertising and a social media campaign.

“We have created a range of different and exclusive Smileys to help Vittel position its different formats that include themes aligned to a variety of key consumers being targeted by Vittel,” said Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of Smiley.

The brand created the world’s first digital smileys in 1997, marking the birth of SmileyWorld, the world’s first emoticon-inspired lifestyle brand. The Smiley Company is today one of the top 150 licensing companies in the world, selling more than 130 million products every year.