Foodstuffs to Open Wholesale for Non-Members

Foodstuffs looks to open wholesale for non-members of the cooperative

Retailers who are not members of the Foodstuffs co-operatives can now express interest in becoming wholesale customers.

Three things need to be understood as Foodstuff progresses into offering wholesale supply on competitive terms to non-member retailers: Retailer demand for wholesale grocery service, access to product supply, and supplier trade terms.

This means asking three questions to potential customers: What do retailers want to buy wholesale? Can suppliers support delivering those products in the right volumes at the correct times? And what are the wholesale price terms suppliers are prepared to offer non-member retailers?

"Wholesaling groceries to retailers who aren’t members of our co-op isn’t as simple as opening the doors of our distribution centres and letting trucks roll-up. Our co-op’s operations have been built over 100 years to serve our members’ 521 locally owned and operated stores. Providing retail-ready wholesale groceries to non-members means setting up a new service for retailers who are not integrated into our co-operatives.” Said Chris Quin, Foodstuffs NZ Managing Director.

"This is a complex service to set up, but we’re in a good position to provide a wholesale solution that works for retailers who aren’t part of our co-op – we’ve got existing infrastructure and processes across our current B2B wholesale business and our supply chain that means we’re not starting from scratch. That said, there’s a lot to work through to make this offer work well for retailers who aren’t co-op members, but we’re building it with urgency.”