Fresh meal brand Pitango is rolling out a bold new packaging design aimed at showcasing the fresh, natural ingredients used to create each meal, and increase consumer attention through better shelf visibility.

“Our top priority with this new design was to reflect and reinforce our core brand proposition of ‘Food as Nature Intended’,” said Mary Boulton, general manager at Pitango. “It was important to develop a design that communicates the essence of our brand and let our customers see for themselves what makes Pitango so special. Our meals are freshly prepared and we are proud of that, hence the new bowl shaped viewing window on the pouch.”

The NZ company will be introducing its new packaging design in-stores nationally from mid-April across its soups and risotto ranges. Pitango is confident the refreshed design showcases the natural goodness found in every pack. “We are famous for our authentic home style cooking methods and flavours, and we don’t want to hide that.”

Pitango has retained its iconic colourful stripes while enhancing vibrancy, yet with a rustic edge to symbolise the delicious flavours, fresh ingredients and home cooking styles used to create Pitango dishes. The introduction of food imagery showcases the quality and variety of natural produce. Variants in the range are differentiated through a clear colour palate with images of the ingredients used in each recipe.

“We are very proud of how Pitango dishes are prepared. We only use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that are peeled, prepared and cooked in small batches to maintain the natural flavours. We want everyone to be able to see the large pieces of fresh vegetables, or meat used to create our meals so they know they are buying something of real value.”