Fresh Plant Mylk in 20 Seconds

Create fresh nut and seed mylk at home with Mylk Made mylk bases. It's nut mylk, made simple.

Mylk Made bases give consumers the freshness and purity of homemade plant-based mylk without the time, mess and waste of straining your own nuts. Simply blend 1Tbsp of Mylk Made mylk base with 350ml of water on high for 20 seconds.

Mylk Made bases are a sustainable, 100% natural, waste-free solution to carton mylk.

Locally made In Rangiora, North Canterbury.

Available in 6 different flavours; Coco-Nut, Rich Hazelnut, Creamy Lavender, Hearty Hemp, Absolute Almond and Nutty Oat.

The bases come in 300ml jars, with each jar making 7 litres of mylk. Sample packs are available, 1L jars, and the team have introduced new glass mylk bottles.

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