Iconic Kiwi beer brand DB Export released a crisp, full flavoured golden lager with all the refreshing character you would expect from the innovative Kiwi brand, but with a twist – it has 0.0%1 alcohol.

Those that love the taste of original DB Export GOLD will find that the new variant sits well in the DB Export beer family as a great option for times when they feel like the taste of beer, but without the alcohol content.

DB Export GOLD 0.0 is made with a combination of premium malts and hops using an innovative new brewing process, which DB has been developing and refining over the last year. This makes for an easy drinking, full flavoured lager with notes of stone fruit and a smooth malty mouth feel.

While there are a number of other 0.0% alcohol beer brands available in New Zealand, DB Export Gold 0.0 will be NZ’s first locally brewed lager available nationally in all major retailers2.

Peter Simons, Managing Director at DB Breweries, explained that DB Export Gold 0.0 was developed to meet a growing demand and intensifying interest in 0.0% beer in New Zealand.

“We are seeing a growing trend towards products with lower alcohol and carbohydrates, with nearly one in every 10 beers bought in New Zealand now being either a lower carb, or a low or no alcohol product2. This emerging market is an exciting one. People are curious about 0.0% beers. Research by Colmar Brunton on the category showed that a majority (81 percent) of mainstream beer drinkers would consider drinking a 0.0% beer3. said Simons.

“DB Export is passionate about New Zealand, the world’s most beautiful beer garden, as well as the beer drinkers who enjoy it. We believe that a new 0.0% alcohol option is a positive thing for Kiwi beer drinkers, and we’re proud to offer more options in this growing sector."