Granola honesty box

YUM has launched its very own granola honesty box, at its granola factory in downtown Nelson. The first of its kind, it offers customers a way to drop off their containers for a refill of the freshest batch. “We wanted to reward those who either don’t want or need packaging. Thus, we will also offer it at a reduced price because packaging is not required,” said Sarah Hedger, director at YUM. “While we do all we can to ensure our packaging is either recyclable or compostable, there is no doubt the world needs less packaging altogether and we want to do all we can to be a part of the solution.” The number of YUM friends who drop off their containers has been growing significantly, so the brand wanted to offer a solution to everyone, while making it super convenient at the same time. And with zero packaging!

Alongside this, YUM Granola has taken a leadership step in switching all its bulk 1kg bags to compostable ones. “We realise we can’t depend on anyone else when it comes to recycling plastic packaging of any sort and we found a way to be able to afford to make the switch with our 1kg bags. We are super excited to close the circle on these so that there is less waste going to the landfill or sitting in storage somewhere.” This is an exciting new solution that the brand really feels good about, with no cost passed to the consumer.