An innovative product launched in New Zealand is a breakthrough for parents looking for more control and reassurance when it comes to monitoring their baby’s temperature.

Using the power of smart technology, the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is a wearable baby thermometer that allows parents to continuously and accurately1 monitor their baby’s temperature without waking them. It’s suitable for babies from 0-3 years.

With a wireless range of up to 40m, the thermometer transmits a child’s temperature continuously2 to a free app that can notify the parent’s phone when the child’s temperature is in the high range. In addition, the in-app log can be used to easily track when medication is given to the baby which, in turn, can be shared with a health professional.

Dealing with a baby’s fever can be a worrying time in any parent’s life. Research3 from Colmar Brunton revealed that 70 percent have found that measuring the child’s temperature has caused the child some distress; 54 percent have lost track of when they last gave medication in the past, and 50 percent regularly check the temperature of the child at night.

Internationally-renowned family wellbeing and nutrition expert Dr Julie Bhosale PhD, says the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is revolutionary and, quite simply, something that will change parents’ lives. Having a sick child is an extremely stressful time for parents and this technology is going to significantly help to ease the worry when a child has a fever.

“The non-allergenic thermometer is easy to apply, and coupled with the phone app, allows parents to safely monitor their baby’s temperature without having to wake the baby. There are other essential tracking mechanisms which have been carefully thought through as well, and Nurofen has even included batteries in the pack so tired parents don’t need to think about this.”

Important: Parents should always remember to check on their child regularly for other signs or symptoms. Nurofen for Children FeverSmart does not replace continuous parental vigilance.

1 Accurate within +/- 0. 2C when used in line with product instructions. Environmental factors and child’s positioning may result in greater variance.

2 Transmits temperature reading at least once a minute following 8-minute warming process. Regularity of transmission may vary depending on strength of Bluetooth signal

3 RB Consumer UK Study Colmar Brunton 2015