Five years ago, founders Jo and Aaron started on their journey to creating a wellness tonic that catered to their busy, active lifestyles when the current market fell short of a product that appealed to them.

After years of product development, they have launched No Ugly - a wellness tonic that is scientifically formulated to help you go from malaise to mint. By balancing the effects of casual drinking, too much stress, exercise or lack of sleep.

There are no ugly ingredients - only good. Things like Enzogenol. Extracted from Pinus Radiata bark, it's natures most potent antioxidant. Plus a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to get you back to gorgeous in no time.

Enzogenol is the weapon that kicks Ugly’s ugly old arse. It’s a 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus Radiata pine trees. Due to the highly active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, Enzogenol has many health supporting properties.

All this means that No Ugly contributes to your general health through :

The reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Normal energy metabolism, energy production, energy release from blood
Normal psychological function
Neurological function
Normal function of the nervous system
Mental performance
Cell protection from free radical damage
The protection of cells from oxidative stress
Normal electrolyte balance