How ‘vegan’ is your vegan food? In case of Z Energy’s new vegan Mexican pie, apparently not enough.
The limited-edition product, available from Z Energy’s petrol stations throughout New Zealand until December 31st, contained E920, a common pastry conditioner that happens to be made from poultry feathers.
The company apologised to all its vegan customers for what has been called an ‘honest mistake’, ensuring that all pies containing E920 (even if only a tiny 0.002 percent) has been donated to charity, and the ingredient will not be used in future vegan products.
“I believe it is a very common ingredient in flours, breads and pastries,” said Jonathan Hill, Z Energy spokesman. “It, however, can be derived from non-animal sources and we have requested our bakery to use that non-animal-derived version in all of our pies in the future.”