Remedy Sodas are a fresh twist on your old school favourites, reinvented for today’s healthier times. Remedy Drinks is reclaiming fizzy drinks for what they’re meant to be - refreshing drinks, traditionally fermented with real all-natural ingredients in small batches.

Live cultured and all-natural, Remedy Sodas are handcrafted the same way as all Remedy drinks are with no sugar, naturally.

Carefully sourced organic all-natural ingredients are brewed with Remedy’s own natural live culture to remove all of the sugar, creating the tastiest, healthiest range of live cultured sodas going ‘round.

Made with natural live cultures, Remedy Sodas are positively jammed with goodies for your mind, body and gut! Remedy is shaking fizzy drinks up for good and making things right with a range of live cultured sodas that offer a real, tasty alternative to sugary soft drinks. It’s now easier and tastier to reach for the right stuff!