Heineken has teamed up with packaging company, KHS to launch one of the largest breweries in Mexico.

The brewery is expected to hold a capacity of five million hectoliters a year, employing 500 people and 1,500 off-site jobs. This collaboration will set the standard for ecological and economic sustainability in the industry.

Thirteen brands will be produced at the site including, Heineken, Tecate, Dos Equis and Indio. Electricity will be generated from renewable sources and biogas will be used in the boilers. Heineken’s goal is to become the brewery which consumes the lowest amount of water in the world by 2020.

“In the future, we want to address the topic of digitalisation. The aim is to be able to correlate and predict various process indicators to boost performance. By further optimising the use of materials and resources we’ll be able to make our filling and packaging processes even more efficient,” explained plant manager, Eusebio Reynoso Razo.