Original Foods Baking Co. invites everyone to celebrate National Donut Day this Friday - June 1.

OFBC Managing Director, Jane Mayell said that National Donut Day is the perfect time to shout your office, your family, or your worksite a delicious round of donuts, made right here in New Zealand by their award-winning team.

The Christchurch based baker produces thousands of donuts each year and boasts five flavours of donuts - from classic cinnamon dusted, to strawberry iced with sprinkles, a chocolate dipped version and even bite-sized mini plain and choc cinnamon dusted donuts.

“National Donut Day is always a huge day for us with our staff hard at work in the kitchen, prepping and packing thousands of delicious doughy rings," said Mayell.  "There’s really no substitute for the simple and sweet treat that’s endured as a timeless favourite around the world. Everyone loves donuts.”

Make sure you’re Donut-Day-ready and pick-up your supplies ahead of time from your favourite supermarket (look for the monkey logo).   Lucky donut lovers in Christchurch can also pick up their donut supplies from OFBC’s new café and factory door at Wigram.

DID YOU KNOW?  National Donut Day has a long history, dating back to the first World War when a pair of resourceful women working on the frontlines with the Salvation Army decided to boost the spirits of troops with some homemade cooking.  Supplies were limited, but they had what they needed to hand make rings of dough and fry them up over the fire.  Just the aroma of donuts cooking was enough to brighten the mood for homesick soldiers.  The women became known as the ‘Donut Lassies’ and The Salvos celebrated the first National Donut Day in Chicago in 1938 in their honour.  Now it’s celebrated the first Friday in June every year.