In Oats We Trust

Otis is New Zealand's first homegrown oat milk. The team is super excited to grow its family as they roll out its everyday and barista alternative milks across retailers nationwide.

Otis stands to disrupt the plant-based and dairy categories by delivering nutritious, premium-branded, value-added products to the fastest-growing consumer group in the world.

"We do this because of our firm belief in the urgent need to diversify NZ’s current agriculture offering as an export nation, to be more balanced and include plant-based products at its core. Diets of yesterday are no longer relevant for the diets of tomorrow, and Otis is here to raise this conversation to a national debate. We as a nation must decide how we want to caretake the land for the generations to come. And we think that future is plant-based," said Tim Ryan, at Otis Oat Milk.

"A little reminder, we did some pretty extensive product testing and got in some help from ex-Oatly founders to create our very own enzyme technology specifically for Kiwi oats - the result is an even stronger performing, fuller and silkier milk that we couldn’t be happier with. F*n Oats!"

In Oats We Trust. 🌾