Karma Cola has signed a distribution deal with UK restaurant chain Wagamama. The agreement will see the New Zealand owned company's drinks stocked at six of the chain's outlets with hopes to expand the drinks range to all 120 restaurants.

As part of the deal, Karma Cola has also developed a lemongrass alternative to its popular Gingerella beverage. The new flavour will be trialled at selected Wagamama restaurants with potential for it to become a permanent fixture.

Simon Coley, co-founder of Karma Cola, said that the partnership allowed them to create something unique for the chain. “Part of the benefit of building a relationship with an outlet like this is that we can do something that is unique to them, get it on their menu and it gets us known.”

"We have to prove we can deliver on it - I'm excited, always a little intrepid because with these things you can't totally predict the future but I'm confident we can replicate what we've seen in the past."

Karma Cola is no stranger to partnerships. Previously the company created a white beer for London brewery Beavertown. Wagamama is not Karma Cola’s first UK partnership. The company also recently signed a deal with UK supermarket Sainsbury’s to have its drinks stocked in the major chain.