NEW ZEALAND gained three World Championships and three placings at this year’s World Hot Sauce Awards.
The American-based World Hot Sauce Awards are considered the most prestigious and coveted chilli awards in the world. This year over 1000 products were entered by 213 companies representing 13 countries with five New Zealand chilli companies winning awards at the ceremony held in Louisiana.
Culley’s were awarded gold and the title of World Champion in the hot Category for Culley’s Bhut Jolokia which is a sweet hot sauce and one of Culley’s original recipes. They also received 2nd Place for their Culley’s Chipotle Ketchup.
Fire Dragon Chillies’ Dragons Fury was awarded gold, defending their 2014 title of World Champion in the Ultra Hot section. The Dragons Fury is New Zealand's hottest chilli sauce and is made with 100% New Zealand produce, with all chillies grown by Fire Dragon in the Hokianga.
Huffman’s Sauces were awarded gold and the title of World Champion in the Pepper Blend category for their Huffman’s Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce - an all-purpose food and beverage invigorator crafted to lift the flavours of anything it’s added to.
Gringo Killer were the 2nd place winner in the chipotle section with their Gringo Killer Woodsmoked Bhutt Burn chilli sauce made with smoked Trinidad scorpions grown spray free in West Auckland.
HOTttASs Chillis’ “Pacific Burn” is a mango and coconut chilli sauce that won 3rd place in the fruit based section.