Leading Recruiter Signals Kiwi Employers to Prepare for The Great Vacation

Frog Recruitment is signalling for New Zealand organisations to plan not only for The Great Resignation, but for The Great Vacation this summer, as a poll reveals one in four workers intends to use more annual leave than they used 12 months ago – even if their region is in the red phase of the government’s new ‘traffic light’ system.

The Frog Recruitment poll asked 1547 employees if they are planning longer-than-usual summer holidays under the new Covid framework’s red setting. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they will be ‘taking off a few extra days’, 21 percent of employees intend to apply for up to two weeks more leave, and 39 percent of Kiwi workers were logging off for three to four weeks.

The red phase may see restrictions for inter-regional travel, while businesses and event organisers will need to enforce capacity limits for private gatherings, events, retail stores and hospitality.

If regional restrictions are relaxed to orange or green, even more Kiwis – 57 percent - will take ‘a few extra days’ away from work, while one quarter of respondents said they will take up to two weeks’ leave, and 18 percent will spend three to four weeks on holiday.

Frog Recruitment Managing Director Shannon Barlow said the expectation of a lockdown-free summer, or at least enjoying part of the summer out of lockdown, is tantalising for workers.

“Kiwi employees are embracing the prospect of enjoying a longer-than-usual summer holiday.

“Employers will need to plan ahead and deploy more resources to cover longer gaps in their work rosters and annual leave calendars over the summer months.”

Barlow said she is not surprised people will be redeeming annual leave, as the poll revealed 66 percent of respondents used less holiday leave in 2021, with 56 percent of workers taking less than a week off work this year.

“With rising rates of pandemic-induced burnout, and an alarmingly high rate of mental health issues in the workplace, the festive season will be a much-needed circuit breaker for over-worked New Zealanders to enjoy more freedom than they have had for months. We urge employers to encourage their people to use up their accrued leave and take a well-earned break.

“And for employers and business owners who haven’t been able to operate at capacity since August, they will be eager to fully open their doors and welcome back holidaymakers into their tourism and hospitality offerings.”

The recruiter said the sooner each region hits their vaccination targets, the better.

“We stand to have a more productive economy in the first quarter of 2022; not least because more businesses should be operating closer to their ‘normal’, but workers will be rejuvenated after enjoying an extended holiday.

“After an extraordinarily challenging year, the New Zealand workforce is ready for summer  barbecues, hokey pokey ice creams and Kiwi camping trips with friends and whanau.”