Nespresso’s pledge for a sustainable future

Nestle’s Nespresso brand is the most recent company to move toward more environmentally sustainable business practices.

The brand has partnered with metal processor Rio Tinto and together have pledged to work towards using 100 percent sustainably sourced aluminium by 2020, certified to the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative standard (ASI).

The standards Nespresso will be adhering to cover a broad range of sustainable and ethical faculties. Including the protection of biodiversity, respect for indigenous people’s rights, low carbon emissions and effective water management.

The ASI standard is the first of its kind for any industrial metal and signifies a positive step towards environmental sustainability across a much broader range of industries. Rio Tinto and Nespresso are confident that their pledge will inspire other producers to turn towards an ASI certification and commit to meeting the eco-friendly demands of their consumers.