Improved diet is one of the reasons why New Zealanders are healthier today than they were 50 years ago, Nikki Hart explained in the last episode of a four-video series commissioned by the NZ Food & Grocery Council.
Entitled ‘Successful Ageing’, the video is about increasing one’s life expectancy by eating the right foods.
“Heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers are linked to inflammation in the body, and so eating a diet that minimizes inflammation, to reduce your risk for chronic disease and promote your longevity, just makes sense,” said Hart.
She also pointed out that the healthiest cultures, namely the Japanese, the Mediterranean and the Nordic diets, have something important in common. “All food is consumed in moderation and is largely plant-based,” Hart said.
According to the NZ Food and Nutrition Guidelines, a balanced diet should include at least two fruit and three vegetables a day. Hart emphasised that eating other types of fruit and veggies, as well as fish and nuts, can also help add to variety.
“The take-home messages for successful ageing would be to focus on a plant-based diet, include fish twice a week, nuts are good for you, and be consistent with your movement.”