The food and beverage industry currently contributes over $30 billion annually in exports—almost half of New Zealand’s total exports—and the Government has set a target of tripling this over the next 15 years. The key to achieving this goal is ‘value added’ food exports, and Foodtech Packtech is perfectly timed to showcase the latest technologies and products that will make this goal a reality.

As NZ’s foremost food manufacturing, technology and logistics expo, Foodtech Packtech co-locating with the Materials Handling & Logistics Expo (MHL) will return from October 11 to 13 at ASB Showgrounds. With over 4,000 NZ food manufacturers and industry professionals expected to attend next week, this year’s expo is set to be the sector’s biggest trade-only event in more than a decade. On the whole, 240 exhibiting companies will be present, covering important capability issues, with an additional contingent of product handling and logistics providers.

Just one of the many new exhibitors at the show, Belletech International is a leader in the supply of food ingredients featuring Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi Meat Analog/Vegetarian Products. These non-animal products including patties, ground/minced, surimi, and cutlets are spearheading new markets for food manufacturers to offer textural and flavour solutions to improve the overall eating experience of vegetarian meat-like products.

Food safety/cleaning innovator Presco Group are showcasing their revolutionary frozen CO2 (dry ice) pellet blasting method of cleaning. Heralded as the future of cleaning for the food and beverage industry, it’s a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning method that produces no secondary waste. Dry ice pellets (made of frozen CO2) replace traditional blasting materials and vaporise immediately on contact with the surface being cleaned.

It’s not all about exhibits. Visitors will attend three full days of free industry seminars lead by industry bodies such as the NZ Institute of Food Science & Technology, and the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. Food sector celebrations continue across the week with the ‘NZ Food Awards’ gala evening run by Massey University kicking off on the final evening of Foodtech Packtech with many of NZ’s leading food innovators attending.

Registration is free at either website: www.foodtechpacktech.co.nz and www.mhlexpo.co.nz.