When it comes to food and beverage products, one in five New Zealanders always buys NZ-made, while the majority of Kiwis (65 percent) try to buy local as often as possible, a recent survey from Munchkin has revealed.

Provenance is important to more than two-thirds of New Zealanders surveyed (69 percent), mostly because they want to support locally-made products (35 percent), or are concerned about food safety standards (34 percent) and additive levels (20 percent). Additionally, the country of origin is a key purchase driver for 86 percent of parents with school-age kids.

After extensive global research, California-based company Munchkin has chosen New Zealand for the launch of its new Grass Fed milk-based formula, produced from grass-grazing cows in Canterbury. TThe milk is sourced from 26 farms with more than 18,000 cows, all living within a 112 km radius of where the formula is made. 

“We’re proud to share that we actually pay our farmers extra to adhere to our high standards for grass feeding only. And, since there is not a current grass fed standard, Munchkin created its own to ensure a top quality formula made with 100% grass fed milk,” said Gary Hunter, regional sales director, Munchkin.
All contracted farmers must allow their cows to live and graze in a free-range manner all-year round, having daily access to pastures and associated feed. Milking is done up to a maximum of two times each day. Additionally, cows never receive growth hormones nor GMO feed. According to Hunter, this diet improves the overall quality and taste of the milk they produce, being higher in CLA, vitamins A and R, and with a greater ratio of fatty acids like Omega-3.

The product is currently available at, and will be available at select Countdown and Baby Factory stores.